boudoir sessions

are you looking for an empowering experience? want to do a session for yourself to highlight your natural beauty and give yourself the gift of feeling more confident than ever? 

as a husband and wife team, we aim to make you feel comfortable and create an overall amazing atmosphere to leave you feeling empowered. we have a full loft style boudoir studio in wilmington, nc. as a bit of a background from us, before being behind the camera, we started off as models. ric modeling for a suit company, and kayla for boudoir and bridal. now, as a dynamic duo- kayla runs a business creating angel wings and designs for photographers around the world and ric found his love behind the camera AND NOW TRAVELS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY AND OCCASIONALLY TEACHES WORKSHOPS AROUND THE USA. we work together helping each client with posing to accentuate their natural beauty AND LEAVE THEM FEELING BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT AND EXCITED FOR THEIR NEXT SESSION. ITS NOT JUST A BOUDOIR SESSION, ITS AN EXPERIENCE. WE CANT WAIT TO HAVE YOU IN FRONT OF OUR CAMERA!