The Capture Wonder Foundation

The Capture Wonder Foundation is a relief fund created in partnership with Kayla Douglas Artistry. Our mission is to help provide resources, food, shelter, and educational materials to support children and families in Guatemala.

What we're doing to help!

15% of sales made through Kayla Douglas Artistry and 15% of any photography packages sold through Capture Wonder Photography goes into The Capture Wonder Foundation relief fund. 100% of The Capture Wonder Foundation relief fund goes to Guatemala to buy food, clothes, shelter or educational materials for those in need.

Mission Trip

In 2015 I was asked by my pastor to join him on a missions trip to Guatemala. It was the best experience I've ever had but just as heart breaking also. Most families live under open huts and lack the essentials for life. While there I learned about the amount of orphans and the lack of educational resources provided to them. It is our goal to help these people in need through The Capture Wonder Foundation.

Financial Accountability

Kayla Douglas Artistry and Capture Wonder Photography will happily account for every cent, from every sale, that's been added to the relief fund as well as account for every donation made through records of all transactions and sales.


501(C)(3) Pending